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Introduction of 5 Digital Products

5 Digital Products – A competent planner is universally appreciated, yes? They’re useful for keeping us on track, but they may often feel like a luxury. That’s why I went to Canva and made something chic that won’t break the bank for customers.


The word “planner” in the Canva search field was all I needed to get going. Numerous blank schedule templates appeared. Canva offered a wide variety of templates, from fitness to weddings. earn it yours, nevertheless, if you want to earn a profit from the sale. Make it your own by altering the color scheme and including images. This is what sets it apart from others.


Use the water bottle icons in Canva to keep tabs on your water consumption. It’s the little things that count. The marketplaces Etsy, Creative Fabrica, Creative Market, and Gumroad were my top picks for selling my planners.

Personal organizers (planners) 1.

Personal organizers (planners) 1.
Personal organizers (planners) 1.

2 Sheets of Work

2 Sheets of Work
2 Sheets of Work

In comparison to traditional homework assignments, worksheets are engaging and productive learning tools. They aid your readers in doing something, understanding something, or making sense of their ideas on a subject.


To what extent do worksheets pay off?


They are experiential; students learn via both reading and doing.

They are well-organized.

Again, Canva has several premade worksheets available. Pick the one that best expresses your voice and purpose. Then add your company’s colors, fonts, and logo to make it unique. Personalize it. Finally, make sure it’s packed with useful information while remaining easily digestible. If you are stuck, you may utilize the “Magic Write” feature of Canva’s artificial intelligence writing tools to produce ideas. When my worksheets were done, I posted them for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers and Amazon KDP to reach a wider audience of educators.


Calendars, No. 3

Calendars, No. 3
Calendars, No. 3

Digital calendars are quite popular items. And no matter what kind of schedule you need, Canva has a template for it. They even made calendars tailored to different professions, such as those of educators and business owners.


The weekly calendar I selected had endearing drawings and would be useful to any educator or childcare provider. When I was finished making changes, I saved the document as a PDF. I decided that the best sites to sell my calendar templates would be on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers.


Adhesive labels

Adhesive labels
Adhesive labels

Admittedly, when you think of digital items, stickers might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but hear me out. Stickers are cool, and making them with Canva is a lot of fun.


Everyone enjoys a good set of stickers, right? Canva offers premade sticker templates, but all it takes is a little creativity to turn a circle into a charming sticker. Envision making a cute sticker pack for a certain demographic.


I used the Print on Demand concept to have stickers made on demand after uploading a PNG file to my print supplier. Not only that, but there was zero cost to me. By the way, on Etsy and Redbubble, I decided to focus on the Book Lover sub-community.


Modifiable Samples

Modifiable Samples
Modifiable Samples

You see, there’s a lot more to Canva than simply stickers and calendars. It offers an abundance of options for creative expression. I knew I had found the mother lode when I saw that Canva provided so many different types of premade layouts for things like social media posts, ebook covers, and business cards.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it; they have a template for anything. So, I used the enchanting Canva to produce some captivating social media posts.

You may easily distribute them as reusable Canva templates. Canva’s “Share” button was all I needed to select “Share a link to use as a template,” and the end result was perfect. I could provide a shared link to my clients and consumers.

They may quickly and easily alter these samples to suit their needs. This isn’t just a social media-specific function. Excellent results were seen when used on business cards, ebooks, and more. When you publish something online, you’re helping others carve out their own niche in the information age.

Thirty Days of Selling Digital Products on Canva

I spent 30 days selling on Creative Fabrica and made $241.52. I am now followed by 269 people and favorited by 1626 people. Also, on Teachers Pay Teachers, I made ten transactions. I used Pinterest to drive $398 in sales to my online marketplace Gumroad.


This is my account of how I used Canva to monetize my artistic abilities. It was a lot of fun and I made $639.15 selling these five digital goods. Canva is great if you want to make money off of your ideas. You never know when your next digital release will become a moneymaker. Start making something and peddling it!


Can you tell me how much it costs to sign up with Canva?

Does using Canva necessitate any sort of design expertise on my part?

Can you recommend any further entry-level digital product ideas?

Can I list my digital items for sale on more than one marketplace at once?

How do I maximize my use of Canva for online product promotion?

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