AI Content Writing Tool – $1000 Month

AI Content Writing Tool
AI Content Writing Tool

Introduction of AI Content Writing Tool

AI Content Writing Tool – How many of you think about generating passive income? I’m pretty sure that 100% of the answers to this question will be YES.

My Journey as a Freelancer

Okay, so a little about me: I’m from India and work as a FREELANCER full time. I like to write. Indian families put a lot of value on traditional jobs. If you are an Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, etc., people in your family will respect you a lot. But if you choose an unusual job like mine as a freelancer/solopreneur, you might get some pushback from your own family.

The Shocking Decision

So, when I told my parents a few years ago that I was quitting my job, they were shocked. How their engineer daughter, who had 8 years of experience in sales and marketing and was a top performer the whole time, could make such a strange choice, I don’t know, but I managed to convince them.

Financial Success and Time Freedom

Cut to today — I am doing financially better than most of the people who told me not to quit, but most importantly I have TIME FREEDOM.

My Super Spy Cousin

Growing up, we all cousins had an incredible bond, we are more like siblings. One of my cousins, who is also an HR, is our family’s superspy. She knows a lot about everything, which shows more than just her browsing curiosity. You tell her the keyword, and she will find everything on the internet that matches it.

The Unexpected Question

Last year, we were talking about my business, and she knew that I do freelance work, so she asked me a question out of the blue.

A Quest for Passive Income

“What if I want to make money but don’t want to work that hard? Is that possible?”

Well, this was a trick question. At the time, I was trying out Writesonic AI and was pretty impressed with the tool itself.

My Cousin’s Strategy

I suggested her to use WRITESONIC for copywriting gigs.

Market Research

Since my cousin was already a SUPER SPY, she spent 7 days researching and came up with a good plan:

  1. She was going to start a blog about interview planning (her domain), and she used Google Trends to find out what keywords people were searching for and how popular they were.
  2. She signed up for FIVERR and UPWORK (for freelance content writing gigs), and started writing content with Writesonic AI.

Rapid Success

At the moment, she is still building up her blog, but her copywriting gig has grown like crazy. From $20 a month in November to $1,000 a month in January.

Scaling Up

In just 3 months, she has scaled her business 10X ++

The Power of Writesonic AI

But how had Writesonic helped her reach such a big number in just 3 months?

SEO Optimization

I want to talk about this awesome AI content writing tool, which is one of the best content writing tools available on the market.

Key Features

Well, this tool has 2 major points, which makes it extremely useful.

  1. SEO optimized
  2. Plagiarism Free Content

If you feel your work isn’t getting noticed, try this tool. With Writesonic AI, you can create SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free content that is both contextually relevant and coherent.

Content that Converts

Whether you want to start a blog, spread the word about your brand on social media, or write interesting email newsletters, this tool can help you make content that CONVERTS READERS INTO CUSTOMERS, which is what every business wants.


Another benefit of Writesonic AI is that it SAVES TIME. As a busy entrepreneur, freelancer, or blogger, you don’t have time to spend hours creating content.

With this tool, you can write faster and get better results. Plus, it offers a variety of options to help you get started.

Content Creation for Various Platforms

If you are looking to create content for:

  • Linkedin Posts
  • Google Ads
  • Twitter Tweets
  • Blog Articles
  • Product Description
  • Facebook Ads etc.

My Personal Experience

What I personally liked about Writesonic?

Well, when I first got started with Writesonic, I opted for a FREE TRIAL. With no credit card required, it helps you to get started with 2500 FREE WORDS, which I believe is an awesome way to try the tool. AI Content Writing Tool.

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