Top 50 Best AI Tools in 2023 – The Always Up-to-date List

Best AI Tools
Best AI Tools

Introduction of Best AI Tools

Writing assistant Best AI Tools are often the first form of AI software that comes to mind, outside examples from sci-fi movies. 😉
Anyone may use the following AI tools, but they are designed to help writers, marketers, and designers create interesting and useful content. AI copywriting tools can answer basic inquiries and compose marketing emails like your ghostwriter.


Write quicker and better copy, email messages, and more with ClickUp AI.

ClickUp is the only productivity program that unites all your work across applications into a single center. ClickUp is a top choice for teams seeking to organize and manage their work with its extensive Template Library, versatile project management capabilities, and connectors.

ClickUp is expanding its sentiment with the debut of ClickUp AI.

The only role-based AI solution with research-backed suggestions, ClickUp AI helps you achieve your best achievements quicker. ClickUp’s AI technology is embedded into its platform for seamless collaboration, but its full potential is realized in ClickUp Docs. Simply choose your job and use case, and ClickUp AI will handle the rest!

Use ClickUp AI’s Translate function to translate your text into over 10 languages with near-perfect accuracy.

ClickUp AI lets you translate text in over 10 languages, summarize complex documents in seconds, and watch as ClickUp improves your experience with weekly AI upgrades.

Top ClickUp features

• Over 100 role-based AI-powered prompts in ClickUp AI ensure first-time success.

• Use the Reprompting option to improve your outcomes with conversational feedback and calls for creativity and humor.

• A “Translate” action to overcome language barriers and provide near-perfect text interpretations in 12 languages.

• Quickly summarize lengthy comments in Docs and projects with thread summaries.

• Customize over 15 project views, including Gantt, List, AI calendar, Timeline, and Kanban-like Board, for project management from all angles.

• Utilize custom and pre-built automations to save time and reduce repetitive tasks.

• Native platform features: Whiteboards, Docs, Mind Maps, and Chat.

• Over 1,000 integrations with top work tools

• ClickUp offers a growing Template Library with customisable tools to start any process.

Limitations of ClickUp

• ClickUp has hundreds of sophisticated functions that require time to master. Fortunately, ClickUp provides seminars, support, and Help Docs to simplify onboarding.

• Mobile app doesn’t have all views yet.

• Coming soon: AI-powered project summary, task and subtask creation, and mobile access!

Click-Up prices

ClickUp provides a free trial for all users, even those on the Free Forever Plan, to test drive its AI. When you commit, ClickUp AI costs $5 per member, each month for any paid Workspace. ⚡️

Along with this benefit, ClickUp provides many feature-rich price plans:

Forever Free Plan: Unlimited subscribers, no credit card needed.

Unlimited Plan: $7/month/member

Business Plan: $12/month/member

• Enterprise Plan: Contact ClickUp for customized pricing.

2. ChatGPT

We understand you are familiar with ChatGPT.

One of the most accessible and easy-to-use chatbots online, ChatGPT can tell you a joke or compose your friend’s rehearsal dinner speech (yikes).

This writing tool utilizes AI to produce almost anything. Talk, explain complicated topics, help with research, and produce any content—even code. There’s a lot going on behind ChatGPT’s basic “what you see is what you get” interface to make it so adaptable and helpful.

Best ChatGPT features

• A simple, intuitive UI that everyone can learn.

• Natural language and prompting for two-way discussion

• ChatGPT supports 50 languages, including English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

• Its expertise spans many businesses and topics.

ChatGPT limits

• ChatGPT lacks the creativity and attention to detail that people have.

• The free version may crash or lag due to network troubles.

• It may have to accept incorrect replies, which may affect its future responses.

Pricing for ChatGPT


Plus $20/month

3. Jasper

Consider Jasper for more logical and interesting AI writing answers. Blog posts, scripts, outlines, and more are Jasper’s specialty.

Best Jasper characteristics

• Create complex voice outlines quickly and let Jasper finish.

Easy-to-use interface

• Your comments can match professional, academic, or technical writing modes.

• Use Chat to generate ideas fast and in your own voice.

Jasper constraints

• Long-form writing is difficult, therefore Jasper’s content will need revising for accuracy, tone, and editing.

• A short free trial might make it hard to assess the tool’s value in your tech stack before buying a plan.

Jasper cost

Creator: $49/month for one user, payable yearly.

Teams: $125/month for 3 users, payable yearly.

• Business: Contact for pricing.

4. GrammarlyGO

GrammarlyGo, Grammarly’s AI-powered content creation tool, helps you brainstorm, plan, write, and revive previous work.

GrammarlyGo, like other competitive AI writing software, generates material based on your criteria, but it also offers suggestions to improve your work. GrammarlyGo can prompt you and respond. 😅

Top GrammarlyGO features

• Write in seconds using your own prompts or Grammarly’s.

• Set formality and tone to match your writing style.

• An integrated plagiarism checker ensures credit and authenticity

• It works with Microsoft Word, Google Docs,  Docs, LinkedIn, and other browser-based work applications.

GrammarlyGO limits

GrammarlyGO supports just English.

• You can only send a certain amount of prompts each month per price plan.

• This program only provides general writing help, therefore it may not be reliable for technical or specialist topics.

GrammarlyGO cost

• Free

Monthly Premium: $12 for individual use.

Business: $15/member/month for teams.

5., an AI-powered writing tool, can create almost any material. The powerful AI language model allows for more creative and distinctive material than its competitors, making it a popular tool for social media posts and product descriptions.

Best features

• Error-free creative material with machine learning

• AI copywriter produces more material than other AI technologies.

• It has a simple UI for a seamless user experience.

• It can provide AI-generated solutions for writer’s block.

Limitations of

• service swings between GPT-3 and GPT-4.

• Customer help is lacking.

The price

Free up to 2,000 words/month.

Pro: $49/month, limitless words for 1 user.

For enterprise pricing, contact

6. Wordtune

If you want a simple AI writing help, consider Wordtune. This tool’s basic UI lets you focus on saving time and working within budget while creating the right content.

Best Wordtune features

• Wordtune works with Microsoft Word, iOS, and Google Chrome to speed up editing and writing.

• The synonyms tool suggests new ways to pronounce words and phrases.

• YouTube summary makes video material easy to turn into blogs.

Wordtune limits

WORDTUNE lacks sophisticated voice settings and templates.

• Its rephrasing capability can alter text meaning.

Pricing for Wordtune

No cost, 10 daily iterations

Premium: $9.99/month for unlimited content production for one user

Premium: Custom content creator team price

Check out these Wordtune options!

7. Writesonic

Marketers—this tool was made for you.

Writesonic creates search-optimized blogs, advertising, emails, and webpages from the start. This program uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 model and Chatsonic to fill ChatGPT’s gaps.

Best Writesonic features

Paid Writesonic plans employ enhanced GPT-4 technology.

• Twitter and LinkedIn connectors allow content repurposing.

Advanced features including voice commands and plagiarism detection

Writesonic limits

The free trial is one user and word count-limited.

• Writesonic’s credit system involves planning to gather all the content you need.

Pricing for Writesonic

Free trial: First 10,000 words

The Pro plan costs $12.67 per month.

• Enterprise: Contact for pricing.

8. Rytr

Rytr uses machine learning to produce compelling, SEO-optimized content in seconds, despite its Comic Sans branding. Use this AI writing tool to review academic and professional writing for errors before deadlines or produce fresh drafts.

Best Rytr characteristics

• Writing styles for blogs, social media, product descriptions, etc.

UI is straightforward and easy to use, so you can create content quickly.

• It supports several languages for easier content accessibility.

• Grammar and spell-checking to spot errors before publishing

Rytr constraints

Rytr content may need extra editing to remove uncomfortable language.

• Even “unlimited” price plans have word count limits.

The Rytr price

• Free plan

Saver Plan: $9/month or $90/year

Unlimited Plan: $29/month or $290/year

Best AI Coding Tools

AI coding tools simplify code authoring, analysis, and debugging for those without technical expertise. Instead of writing text, this program uses natural language to autocomplete code lines! Easy peasy.

9. GitHubCopilot

GitHub Copilot, an AI pair programmer, converts natural speech into code with autocomplete recommendations in dozens of languages from your editor. Because it uses OpenAI Codex, another AI coding platform, this tool generates more comprehensive code and supports more programming languages.

Best GitHub Copilot features

• Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, and C++

• AI pair programming combining machine learning and conversational cues to find appropriate solutions

• Many integrations with Visual Studio Code, JetBrains, and Neovim.

GitHub Copilot limits

• Copilot may need time to learn your procedures.

• Its real-time AI produces code slower than similar technologies.

• GitHub offers little debugging support.

Pricing for GitHub Copilot

Individual: $10/mo

Enterprise: $19/user/month

10. aiXcoder

AiXcoder can handle any coding work using AI. Auto-completion and code snippet suggestions assist developers boost productivity while using its considerable programming expertise. Using your requests’ context and syntax, aiXcoder makes real-time recommendations and interfaces with common coding editors.

Top aiXcoder features

Smart full-line and multi-line code completion predicts your next step

• Find particular lines of code using GitHub adaptive code search and prevent repeating development

Privacy and security precautions to safeguard your data

• aiXcoder supports Java, Python, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Go.

aiXcoder constraints

Limited free version

• Sometimes contextual linguistic concerns provide incorrect suggestions.

• aiXcoder’s offline mode is unstable since it relies on the internet.

Pricing for aiXcoder


For alternative prices, contact aiXcoder.

11. TabNine

TabNine provides developers with AI-powered code completions. It analyzes your natural language remarks to make appropriate suggestions to boost productivity with less typing. TabNine works with many code editors, making it useful for developers in all languages and settings.

Best TabNine features

Provides code autocomplete and suggestions

Turns normal language into code

Locally adaptable to your knowledge base without affecting code

• Maximizes efficiency using universal knowledge, best practices, and your coding style

TabNine constraints

• Natural language and whole-line code completion, pattern learning, and assistance are missing from its free plan.

• TabNine’s UI is tough to master and hard to customize without platform knowledge.

TabNine cost

Free starter

Pro: $12/month/user

Enterprise: TabNine offers personalized pricing.

12. Figstack

Developers may better comprehend and document code with Figstack’s AI technologies. A natural language interpreter that understands most programming languages simplifies coding with its many capabilities. Figstack can produce code documentation and answer questions to help people understand and write code without feeling overwhelmed.

Best Figstack features

• Figstack’s Explain Code function rapidly translates code between any programming language.

• Code functionality support helps users utilize the tool more efficiently.

• Instant code documentation saves developers time.

Limitations of Figstack

Why Figstack’s help is less reliable if the code is ambiguous or undocumented.

• It may not reflect real-time updates for new releases or data changes it was trained on.

Pricing on Figstack

Try it free

Contact Figstack for all additional prices.

13. Cody, Sourcegraph

What connects Sourcegraph’s AI tool with your 10-year-old cousin? Their names are Cody.

The code-searching productivity tool Sourcegraph helps developers fix, traverse, and automate code across various sources. Cody, its AI feature, reads your source, answers queries, and writes code.

Best Cody features

Inline chat for rapid code fixes and optimizations in conversational language

Ready-made Cody workflows to speed up work. Choose from detailed code explanations, enhanced variable names, translations, change summaries, or notes.

Real-time autocomplete for instant coding

Cody constraints

Cody’s UX isn’t ideal.

Cody cost

Sourcegraph paying users get Cody for free:

Businesses: $99 per month per active user

Enterprise: Contact for customized pricing.

14. SpellBox

SpellBox simplifies code generation, problem-solving, and debugging to help engineers prioritize quality. SpellBox can identify the precise code you need in seconds using easy instructions, saving you hours of online searching.

Best SpellBox features

Code explanation features to understand your code better

Bookmarking to quickly access code snippets

• Available as a VS code extension for integration with other top coding editors.

Conversational prompt-based code creation

SpellBox has limits

• Limited programming languages—SpellBox may not support rare languages.

• Some false positives and negatives

• Some contextual comprehension issues for appropriate ideas

SpellBox cost

Early Bird: $40 for one-year license

Each one-year license costs $65

15. AskCodi

From the creators of AskJarvis comes developer-friendly AskCodi. Codi Assistant software includes Codi Projects, Codi Chat, and Codi Workbook, a comprehensive resource for coding.Developers may use AskCodi to produce code in VB Script, Python, Java, C, HTML, and more from textual requests in English, German, Polish, and Spanish.

Top AskCodi features

• Use interactive communication with Codi’s AI technology for help, recommendations, and tasks.

Create, test, explain, and describe code easily.

Your code may be organized by language and programming language.

Supports around 50 programming languages and frameworks

• Multi-IDE extension available.

AskCodi constraints

AskCodi functionality varies with integrations. Make sure it works with your tech stack before buying.

• Using AskCodi efficiently may take time to learn and grasp its features.

AskCodi cost


Monthly Premium: $9.99

16. BlackBox

BlackBox helps developers write code, locate great snippets, and create quicker. Instead of leaving your coding environment to find a solution or function, ask BlackBox in simple terms and it will provide the code.

Top BlackBox features

• BlackBox supports over 20 programming languages and all IDEs, web browsers, and databases.

• This utility works at very low connection speeds.

• View your work via BackBox’s browser or desktop software.

For more accurate results, searches over 100 million code repositories.

BlackBox constraints

• BlackBox may not disclose its methods, making it hard to verify its findings.

• Some users had to retrain BlackBox to prevent prejudice.

BlackBox prices

Try it free

Good Developer Plan: $0.99/mo

Awesome Developer Plan: $1.99/mo

• Legendary Developer Plan: $7.99/month for 20 users

Best Meeting AI Tools

Have you ever left a long meeting, gone to the kitchen for soda water, and forgotten your next steps? You need a backup AI meeting tool.

The top AI-powered meeting solutions can transcribe talks in real time, generate tasks as they’re discussed, give extensive analytics, and more. This technology makes every meeting more productive and actionable, like a pocket administrator.

17. Spinach

Spinach was built for development teams and has more utility than most leafy greens!

Like your own AI Scrum Master, Spinach can manage daily standups, summarize meetings, and recommend tickets with a click. This agile meeting tool uses GPT-4 technology and interfaces with several work applications, like top20today, to improve efficiency. Spinach creates orderly summaries to document blockages and motivate your team instead of meeting recordings or transcripts.

Best spinach traits

• Integrations for sprint planning, daily standups, sprint retrospectives, and backlog grooming.

• Updates and emphasizes meeting minutes, notes, action items, and major decisions.

Directly suggests Slack bug or feature tickets

• Provides context from proper meetings and creates your agenda.

Limitations on spinach

• Not having some typical AI meeting capabilities to capture topics more fully.

Prices for spinach


Pro: $99/month

18. Sembly

Sembly produces actionable insights, not just meeting notes. Sembly’s task, project, and activity capabilities link your takeaways with your to-do list, setting it apart from other machine-learning meeting tools.

Showcase best features

• Automated follow-ups that transmit meeting insights to other task management tools

• If you’re double-booked, Sembly may “attend” a meeting and submit notes.

• Use its built-in chatbot to transcribe, summarize, or email meeting topics.

• It tracks KPIs and income stated in meetings.

Sembly limits

• Sembly has basic task and project management tools, but it struggles with complicated workflows.

Ensemble pricing

• Personal: Free

Professional: $10/month

• Team: $20/month/user

Enterprise: Contact Sembly for pricing beyond 40 users.

19. Fireflies

Fireflies is a real-time audio transcription and note-taking AI meeting helper. Fireflies may rapidly write down brainstorming or customer interview talks.

This meeting assistant can identify even the slightest speech variances for accurate transcriptions on the first try, regardless of accent, dialect, industry, or language.

Fireflies’ finest attributes

• Fireflies integrations with Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more.

• Edit, comment, annotate, and format transcripts using rich text editing.

• Smart summary of meeting highlights, next steps, questions, and discussion topics

• Transcript search and organizing to extract words, phrases, and subjects

• Voice transcriptions for note-taking and meeting minutes

• Easy sharing through email, link, or QR code

Fireflies’ limits

• The AI has trouble transcribing rare, ambiguous, or technical words and phrases.

• It sometimes misses tone, pitch, and loudness.

Privacy issues about security measures

Prices for fireflies

Free plan: 800 minutes per seat, unlimited talks

• Pro plan: $10/user/month if invoiced yearly

• Business plan: $19/user/month if invoiced yearly

Request a quotation for enterprise plan

20. Krisp

Has anyone noticed their dog only barks during presentations? Krisp provides a solution for this typical problem. Krisp, a bot-free AI meeting assistant, is recognized for its real-time bi-directional muting to block background noise in online conferences.

Krisp, like other AI meeting solutions, can detect intonation, speaker, and language changes mid-conversation to improve meeting transcriptions and summaries.

Best Krisp features

• Voice, echo, and background noise cancellation for clearer, more professional output

• Assess meeting balance, inclusiveness, and participation using call insights.

• Bot-free meeting transcriptions for most speech apps without plugins

• Pre-made meeting templates for talking points, action items, etc.

Krisp limits

• Noise cancellation can impair awareness. It may improve meeting audio, but it may also be dangerous.

Krisp rates


• Pro: $8/month/user

Enterprise: Krisp offers bespoke pricing.

21. tl;dv

Short for “too long, didn’t view,” tl;dv is a GPT-powered meeting recap tool in minutes. With call transcription and summary capabilities, tl;dv with Google Meet or Zoom may save recruitment, sales, and customer success teams a lot of time.

top features

• Auto-transcribes sessions in 30 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and others.

• Easy editing tools to emphasize your meeting’s greatest moments with investor or client video.

• Search for workplace meeting subjects if you were OOO or overslept.

• tl;dv interacts with common CRMs and collaborative systems to match meetings to workflows.


• Google Meet and Zoom are the only platforms that offer tl;dv recording and transcription. Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams users cannot utilize this.

• Each meeting has a 3-hour recording minute. If you hit that limit, you must terminate the conference and restart to record.

• Some integrations are more valuable than others; make sure your tech stack is tl;dv-compatible before diving in.

TL/DV pricing

• Free

• Pro: $20/month/user

Contact enterprise for bespoke price.

22. streamlines meetings so you can stay engaged. This AI transcription technology records and transcribes your main points in real time and emails you key takeaways after the conversation. Otter may also convert audio or video files into plain text for quick reference after the meeting.

Top features

• Otter transcriptions match your recordings and highlight at the speaker’s pace.

• Its transcription has explicit timestamps and speaker labels.

You may speed up or slow down playback and skip needless pauses.

OtterPilot automatically joins, records, and transcribes Google Meet sessions.

• Comment on transcripts to communicate with your team or provide action items.

• Many export options:.mp3,.txt,.pdf, docx, has limits

• Otter only supports the US/UK. The English language

Three audio file upload transcriptions are permitted on the free plan.

• Not all words or speaker changes are detected by its audio detection.

• To ensure accuracy, you must modify and amend your transcription.

Prices on

• Free

Individual use: $16.99/month for Pro.

Business: $30/user/month for teams.

Enterprise: Contact for pricing.

23. Fathom

Fathom automates virtual conference call work for individuals and teams using AI. Fathom can rapidly highlight, transcribe, summarize, and arrange your key insights from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet.

It also has team-specific features! Fathom may scan conversations to identify themes and create “playlists” of meeting highlights to speed up training.

Understand finest characteristics

• Automate call notes and integrate with CRM software.

• Make a “playlist” of your meeting highlights to share the best.

• Free plan for persons using common AI meeting assistant features for the first time

• Team-oriented features that streamline sales for everyone

Understand limits

• Less language-compatible than related tools

• The UI can overwhelm some people.

Estimate cost

Free for personal usage

• Ask Fathom about pricing.

Best Image Design AI Tools

AI image generating software is beneficial for startups and small enterprises lacking the cash for high-quality creative materials. They’re also great tools for designers to draw, experiment, and discover inspiration.

These AI image-generation tools may help you visualize data, edit photographs, and define your brand’s aesthetic.

24. Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI-powered picture generator that lets people express their creativity and explore different art genres. Just tell Midjourney’s Discord bot your vision. The generative AI can turn text prompts into images, allowing individuals and teams to develop comprehensive site designs and social media campaigns.

Top midjourney features

• User-friendly, engaging UI

• This app’s online visuals have improved greatly.

Since Midjourney is in Discord, its community is strong.

Midjourney restrictions

The suggesting tool can enhance photographs but may change the look.

Why Midjourney might be perplexing for Discord beginners.

Mid-journey prices

Try it free

Basic Plan: $10/month

Standard Plan: $30/month

The Pro Plan costs $60 per month.

Explore these Midjourney options!

25. DALL·E 2

The popular OpenAI picture creation application DALL-E 2 generates realistic and artistic graphics from text prompts. DALL-E can support realistic art, oil paintings, and illustrations thanks to Outpainting.

DALL·E 2 top features

• DALL-E 2 generates captivating surreal AI-generated art.

• Its easy-to-use UI makes crafting a masterpiece simple.

• DALL-E 2 lets you blend media to create styled visuals.

Limitations of DALL·E 2

• Artistic styles vary in quality. Some photos will be hazy or pixelated.

• Complex AI art concepts take longer to process.

DALL·E 2 price

This AI picture generator uses credit pricing. Credits are sold in blocks of 115 and cost about one per text prompt.


$15 for 115 credits

26. NightCafe

To promote community, NightCafe “gamifies” image development with friendly contests amongst regular users. Without leaving the app, you may play with DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion using NightCafe AI algorithms.

Best NightCafe features

You may pick your artistic style at NightCafe.

• Access additional machine-learning algorithms

• Daily art challenges to build user community

NightCafe limits

– Limited customer support and service

• Art-generating filters vary in sensitivity.

NightCafe rates

• Free: 5 credits daily, incentives for community activities participation.

• AI Beginner: $5.99/month for 100 credits

• AI Hobbyist: $9.99/month for 200 credits

• AI Enthusiast: $19.99/month for 500 credits

• AI Artist: $49.99/month for 1400 credits

Purchase additional credits for $7.99 per 100 credits outside of your membership.

27. BlueWillow

AI art-generating skills allow BlueWillow to instantly develop brand logos, marketing materials, and images. A confirmed Discord account can use this tool to produce four pictures per text description. Detailed descriptions get greater outcomes!

Best BlueWillow characteristics

Discord has nearly 300 million members.

• If BlueWillow makes mistakes, you can improve its output or reorder your findings for four more photographs.

BlueWillow photos can be saved to your PC.

• Different art techniques for graphics and photorealism

BlueWillow has limits

• BlueWillow requires Discord.

• This tool may be better for personal art requests than branding or campaigns.

BlueWillow cost

• Free

Willower: $5/mo.

Blue Angel: $10/mo.

Sapphire costs $20/mo.


Bria uses AI to efficiently produce personalised, ethical visual content. It’s for professional teams, companies, artists, and developers that need aesthetically appealing marketing text, social media assets, advertising material, or any other creative endeavor.

When used properly, Bria may simplify content development, saving teams time and effort without compromising quality.

Top Bria features

• Promotes ethical AI development so artists may manage their work

• Background and object re-generator for precise content customization

• Adjusting face expressions, look, and content subjects

Open to nonprofits and academia

Bria constraints

• Bria’s UI might be difficult to master.

• Your operating system or tech stack may not work with it for a seamless experience.

Paid plans can be costly.

Prices at Bria

Free starter

Basic: $99/mo.

Pro: $290/month

Ultimate: Price inquiry

29. Stockimg

Stockimg generates professional photos in seconds using AI. Stockimg offers unique brand solutions for stock pictures, book covers, posters, and more. By entering descriptions or text, users may simply obtain personalized photographs that meet their needs.

Top stockimg features

• Design your own or use AI-made stock photos for easy usage.

• Stockimg creates stock photos, book covers, posters, wallpaper, logos, drawings, icons, and web or mobile UI.

• An easy-to-use, uncluttered UI

Stockimg limits

• Few methods to tweak AI-generated output

• Stockimg generates nonsensical text when it cannot recognize text-based images like book covers, illustrations, and posters.

Stock prices

• Free Plan

Monthly Starter Plan: $19

The Premium Plan is $29/month.

For Enterprise Plan, contact Stockimg.

Best Video AI Tools

AI video tools can produce, analyze, and improve recordings like a cross between AI picture production and writing assistance software.

30. Fliki

Fliki simplifies video, podcast, and audiobook creation by converting text to audio and video. AI-generated narration from blog posts, scripts, or other content is available in over 1,000 voices in 75 languages. Fliki makes it easy for non-technical people to create audio and video content.

Best Fliki characteristics

For accuracy, text-to-speech and text-to-video conversion generate voices in many tones, languages, and dialects.

• Fliki can recognize many languages in queries to serve a worldwide audience.

• Large picture and video collection for pre-made elements without legal issues

Fliki constraints

• Must purchase one of its highest-tier price plans to use its full capabilities, however features and quality are limited.

• Fliki’s AI-made voiceovers are uneven and may not seem as genuine or entertaining as actual ones.

Fluki prices

• Free

Basic (audio only): $6/month

Monthly standard: $21

Monthly premium: $66

31. Lumen5

Lumen5 utilizes AI to create or repurpose interesting films for education, journalism, entertainment, or marketing. Lumen5 is a lifesaver for small companies without the funds for experienced video editors. This solution is ideal for teams without sophisticated video production abilities who need to refine their material before launch.

Best Lumen5 features

• Create movies in minutes with Lumen5 regardless of your skill level.

• Native media library includes open-license pictures, music, and clips for video enhancement

• Video output is up to 1080p.

• Many adjustable video templates and a drag-and-drop interface for efficiency

• Automatically produced and configurable subtitles or video comments for collaborative editing

Lumen5 constraints

• Lumen5’s free plan has a watermark, a restricted amount of themes, and a 720p maximum resolution.

• Some videos assemble slowly.

– Few modification options for complicated ideas

Lumen5 cost

• Free

Basic: $29/month

Starter: $79/mo.

Professional: $199/mo.

• Enterprise: Contact for pricing.

32. Synthesia

A sophisticated browser-based AI application, Synthesia, turns simple text into compelling films in minutes. Our tool makes it simple to create professional films for sales enablement and marketing, complete with narration and an AI-generated human avatar.

It supports 120 localized languages for worldwide access and promotes video creation teamwork through feedback.

Best Synthesia features

• Create high-quality movies with lifelike AI avatars from your scripts.

Over 120 languages have voiceovers and closed captions.

• Easy screen recording

• Video customization to match your brand logo, typography, colors, etc.

Synthesia constraints

In dialogue-heavy sequences, video and caption editing takes time.

The amount of scenes you may add to each video depends on your price plan.

Pricing for Synthesia

Personal: $30/month for persons

Team-specific Enterprise plan. Seat count determines price.

33. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI generates videos and is well known for its talking AI avatars. DeepBrain can create a lifelike avatar that matches your brand identity and requirements for training videos instead of anchors or actors.

Best DeepBrain AI features

TTS converts scripts into voiceovers and automated subtitles.

Create films and avatars from text descriptions

• The software offers an easy-to-use UI and video templates.

Supports 80+ languages and 100 AI avatars

DeepBrain AI limits

• Costly, especially if you require this footage for many projects.

Pricing for DeepBrain AI

Starting at $30 for 10 minutes each month, $180 for 60 minutes.

Pro: $225 for 90 minutes, $600 for 240 minutes.

Enterprise price from DeepBrain.

34. Runway

AI “magic tools” from Runway produce movies, photos, 3D animations, and audio upgrades for a tenth of the cost of human-led initiatives. Runway may modify an image, remove undesired elements, or change the aesthetic of your recordings.

Best runway features

• Text-to-video and video-to-video prompts to generate or improve diverse media

Built for big companies and performers

• Customize your AI model to meet your brand and subject guidelines.

Runway limits

• Cloud-based software’s text prompt interpretations aren’t always consistent.

Runway price

Basic: Free

Standard: $12 per user, each month

Pro: $28/user/month

Unlimited: $76/user/month

Enterprise: Contact for price.

35. Pictory

AI-powered Pictory AI simplifies and facilitates the creation of interesting movies from textual information. With a few clicks, it turns lengthy blog articles or textual content into aesthetically appealing films using stock footage, music, and voiceovers.

Top Pictory features

• Make, save, and share AI-generated branded content

• Auto-selected images and videos to complement textual prompts

Over three million royalty-free images

• Easy modification of Pictory’s output to meet your needs

• Summarize or highlight long videos in seconds.

Pictures’ limits

• Some voiceover options sound robotic.

Pictory AI videos may be generic.

Pictory may have trouble understanding foreign languages since it processes English.

Pictorial prices

Try it free

Standard: $19/mo.

Monthly premium: $34.

Monthly: $99 for teams

Top AI Customer Support and Sales Tools

Using AI technologies in customer care and sales workflows can be beneficial. In addition to chatbots and virtual assistants for simple customer enquiries, there are additional tools that streamline operations behind the scenes for your organization’s important customer-facing responsibilities.

36. Formerly MagicChat, SecondBrain

SecondBrain, formerly MagicChat, allows you construct ChatGPT-like bots with deep product and business expertise for sales and customer care. You may teach your bot to provide real-time help to website visitors with service questions using varied content, websites, files, and documents.

Best SecondBrain features

• Use learning materials to train your chatbot and incorporate it with a chat widget on your site.

• Your chatbot can learn from 90+ languages.

• Answers client inquiries quickly and accurately

It depends on your price plan to build several bots.

SecondBrain constraints

• Limit one chatbot per free plan.

• The amount of data your bot learns from determines its response quality.

Pricing for SecondBrain

Starter: $0

Hobby: $19/month

Power costs $49 per month.

Pro: $99/month

37. Chatfuel AI

Chatfuel now includes an AI capability to facilitate bot creation for numerous messaging platforms. You can design educated bots that engage with clients using AI-generated replies and natural language without any code.Pretty nice, huh?

Best Chatfuel AI features

• Created with OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology for accuracy.

• Compatible with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and your company website

• Easy setup for immediate tool use

Limitations of Chatfuel AI

• Company descriptions and understanding for Chatfuel AI training are limited.

• Your price plan determines how many AI messages your bot sends monthly.

Chatfuel AI cost

Start: $29/month

Grow: $79/mo.

Pro: $149/month

Contact for enterprise pricing.

38. So Natural

Second Nature AI’s SaaS sales training software mimics actual clients’ speech using conversational AI. It delivers immersive natural language sales simulations to help salespeople enhance their abilities and client encounters.

Top characteristics of Second Nature

• Stores sales training reports and statistics to evaluate simulations.

• Sales certifications and AI-based assessment to gamify training

• Training scenarios that replicate real-life or business-critical situations

Naturally limited

• Some people find its robotic training experience difficult to adjust to.

Non-English speakers have limited compatibility.

Priced naturally

For price, contact Second Nature.

39. Kustomer

Customer care platform Kustomer uses AI to improve assistance. Kustomer automates FAQs and chatbot replies to expedite client interactions and provide 24/7 service. Kustomer uses predictive analytics to estimate wait times, identify tone, and provide tailored recommendations to improve customer service.

Best Kustomer features

• Automate repeated service requests with bespoke chat, social, and message bots.

• Use self-learning AI models to identify appropriate answers based on past data.

• Text intent and tone detection to assess client mood

• Direct clients to a native-speaking agent or translated message by language.

Kustomer constraints

Kustomer targets major corporations and Enterprise; it may be expensive for mid-sized organizations.

Pricing by Kustomer

Enterprise: $89/user/month

Ultimate: $139/month/user

Adding Kustomer’s AI capability to premium plans costs $15 per month.

40. AutoResponder

Your consumers receive automatic chat answers from AutoResponder via the leading messaging applications. ChatGPT, GPT-4, or Dialogflow AI can process web server communications and build unlimited custom rules and messages. Out-of-office requests. 👋🏻

Best AutoResponder features

• Perfect for organizations with a worldwide consumer base that uses WhatsApp.

• Automates popular app answers including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more

AutoResponder constraints

• Less effective for larger organizations with several consumer touchpoints

• It doesn’t help you connect with potential clients.

AutoResponder cost

Download AutoResponder for free.

41. MagicForm

MagicForm, an AI-based conversational platform, generated customised, human-like replies to client enquiries to boost engagement and conversions.

Best MagicForm features

MagicForm rapidly learns all it needs to help clients on their own about your business.

• The research tool employs machine learning to improve MagicForm with use.

• Understands and speaks 30+ languages

• 24/7 answers, automated follow-ups, and tailored inquiries increase customer experience.

MagicForm has limits

• Limited free plan to 50 monthly talks

Paid plans are too expensive for small enterprises.

MagicForm cost

Free starter

Pro: $99/month

Enterprise: $249/mo

42. Conversica

AI customer service solution Conversica uses “Revenue Digital Assistants” for difficult talks. This two-way conversation technology connects you with more leads and follows up on every interaction to boost income.

Top Conversica features

• Carefully constructed characters drive Conversica’s dialogue with prospective consumers.

• It handles top-of-funnel talks to boost staff retention so your team may focus on later deals.

• Qualifies MQLs before sending to sales

• Personalized outreach complements demand generation to engage leads early.

Conversica constraints

• This tool’s UI is complicated, making it difficult to use at first.

Prices for Conversica

For pricing, contact Conversica.

43. Candide

Candide’s revolutionary lead generating platform, formerly Looti AI, enhances your CRM to locate your company’s optimal audiences and applicants.

Best Candide features

• Candide clusters and analyzes data to find your audience.

• Multiple criteria for faster job candidate selection

• Remove unqualified prospects from CRM in seconds

• Built-in data cleansing for app performance

Candide limits

• Candide targets corporations over people and small companies.

• Newer features emphasize general virtual help over CRM support.

• This tool is under beta testing.

Honest pricing

Basic: Free trial only

Efficient: $8/month


Automatic email writer WARMER utilizes AI to compose customised sales emails. WARMER gets more replies faster than ever by asking basic questions about your goal and audience.

Best features

• Easy-to-use interface for platform learning

• WARMER scans LinkedIn, websites, and CSVs to learn about prospects and create customised emails.

• It can process many lists and send high-quality messages. constraints

Its premium plans are costly. cost

• For pricing, contact

Top HR and Recruiting AI Tools

HR and recruitment touch practically every area. numerous of the products on this list can aid these teams, but there are also numerous AI tools designed for them.

45. Paradox automates hiring activities including screening candidates, arranging interviews, and onboarding with AI.’s conversational AI assistant Olivia helps firms find outstanding applicants, boost conversions, and answer frequent queries. Mobile app integration, automated screening, and experience management improve HR and recruitment efficiency.

Top Paradox characteristics

2 way messaging and 24/7 chat to engage applicants on their terms

Automatic applicant screening to find the finest team members

Events and schedules to streamline interview and onboarding

Reduce short-term employee churn with mobile-first evaluations

Limitations of paradox

• Some company-Paradox clearances during candidate testing

• Paradox’s integrations aren’t as useful or seamless as its platform.

Pricing paradox

For price, contact Paradox.

46. Textio

An AI talent acquisition platform called Textio generates job descriptions and performance evaluation recommendations to eliminate prejudice in recruiting and diversify the workforce.

Top Textio features

• Data-driven recommendations to optimize job postings, email, social media marketing, and more

• Tools for supervisors to write fair, actionable feedback

• Demographic and team-specific performance feedback quality reports

Integrations with HR tools for help on other platforms

Textual constraints

• Before adding Textio to your workflows, make sure your tech stack matches.

• Best for mid-sized enterprises over tiny firms or individuals

Textio cost

For price, contact Textio.

47. HiredScore

HiredScore leverages AI, deep integrations, and automation to provide recruiting teams actionable suggestions. It automatically matches your objectives with current priorities using past team data and understanding of your circumstances. Its tips help recruiter productivity, internal retention, diversity and inclusion, talent discovery, and more throughout the hiring process.

Best HiredScore features

• Screening augmentation to find top applicants and reduce hiring bias

• Makes fair role proposals using prior ATS, CRM, personnel, VMS, and external datasets.

HiredScore limits

• Less effective outside English

Sometimes sluggish to load

Pricing for HiredScore

For price, contact HiredScore.

48. PeopleGPT Juicebox

PeopleGPT by Juicebox is an AI-powered talent acquisition search engine for recruiting, customer discovery, research, and more. PeopleGPT sources LinkedIn profiles using the GPT-4 AI algorithm to find your top applicants.

Best PeopleGPT features

• PeopleGPT helps you find candidates using a list of similar organizations, applicant locations, related job titles, and more.

• You may directly adjust the parameters it utilized to produce your replies.

• Email applicants directly from PeopleGPT with automatically created and tailored messages.

PeopleGPT limits

• Its features assist talent acquisition teams find candidates but not hire them.

PeopleGPT cost

Contact PeopleGPT for pricing info.

49. Attract

Attract, like PeopleGPT, is an AI-powered talent search and engagement platform that helps your HR team recruit and manage talent.

Draw finest characteristics

• Talent sourcing workflow tools to boost company brand and applicant experience.

• Automated talent attraction, development, and retention ideas

• Optimizes job posts and screens resumes using AI

Draw limits

• Attract works best for large companies, not individuals.

• Some people struggle with its UI.

Price attractively

For price, contact Attract.

50. Effy

Effy is a performance management program that promotes organizational growth and development. AI facilitates 360-degree feedback, one-on-ones, evaluations, and development plans with ready-to-use templates for a better user experience.

Best Effy features

AI-generated analytics and insights to understand performance evaluations

Over 20 pre-built feedback questionnaire templates

Review processes can be done in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Limitations of Effy

• Effy’s expensive plans exclude small businesses.

• Needs integrations for analytics and reporting

Effy cost

• Free

A year of Pro costs $540.

Enterprise: Price from Effy

Take Charge of Your Innovation with Top AI Tools

None of these AI tools are a bad investment.

You can overwhelm your processes (and wallet) with too many apps to improve your day.

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