5 Easy Canva Digital Products Anyone Can Make

Canva Digital Products
Canva Digital Products

Canva Digital Products – In the world of digital creativity, Canva stands as a powerful tool that can turn anyone into a designer. From beautiful graphics to engaging presentations, Canva simplifies the art of design. But did you know that you can also create Canva digital products and turn your creativity into profits? In this article, we will explore five super easy Canva digital products that are perfect for everyone, even if you’re not a professional designer. These ideas have a high demand and can be sold on free and highly profitable marketplaces.

Introduction of Canva Digital Products

When I say easy, I mean super easy. Canva digital products are normally very easy to make, but I’m taking this list to the next level. The product ideas I have today are perfect even for non-creatives and have very high demand. You can sell them on marketplaces that are not only free to sign up for but also attract over 24.2 million visitors every single month.

Teachers Pay Teachers – A Hidden Gem

Teachers Pay Teachers - A Hidden Gem
Teachers Pay Teachers – A Hidden Gem

Before diving into these product ideas, let me introduce you to a highly profitable marketplace that not many people know about: Teachers Pay Teachers. This platform is a game-changer for educators, and it’s a goldmine for Canva digital product creators.

Teachers Pay Teachers is the complete opposite of Etsy in terms of competition and fees. It’s highly profitable, free to sign up for, has a laser-focused target audience, and boasts an impressive number of monthly visitors.

Product Ideas for Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy

In this article, I’m going to give you five super easy digital products that you can create and sell on Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy.

1. Classroom Posters and Decor

Classroom posters are in high demand. These can range from inspirational quotes to educational posters, nature, and safety posters. Inspirational quote posters, for example, are super easy to make using Canva. Here’s a quick rundown of how to create an aesthetic inspirational quote poster:

  • Ask ChatGPT to suggest 10–20 children’s inspirational quotes.
  • Head over to Canva and search for children’s inspirational quote templates.
  • Tweak the text, fonts, and download the file as a PDF.
  • You’ll have a printable poster ready to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

2. Lesson Plans for a Specific Subject or Grade

Creating lesson plans is another straightforward idea. Think of all the lessons you had to take in school, and you’ll realize the endless possibilities. For example, if you focus on 4th Grade Geography:

  • Ask ChatGPT to provide 10–20 geography lessons for 4th graders.
  • For each lesson, generate the entire lesson plan using ChatGPT.
  • Head over to Canva, make it look beautiful by searching for lesson plan templates, and download the file as a PDF.

3. Coloring Pages with Educational Themes

Coloring books are loved by children and teachers often use them to keep their classes engaging. By creating educational themed coloring books, you cater to this need. Here’s how to do it:

  • Ask ChatGPT for 10–20 ideas for an educational-themed coloring book.
  • Ask for suggestions on coloring book scenes for any idea you choose.
  • Use to generate images for your coloring book scenes.
  • Combine all the images into a single PDF file using Canva and create an attractive book cover.

4. Seasonal and Holiday-Themed Activities

Teachers need printables for various holidays and seasonal activities. You can create a wide range of products for occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Earth Day, and more. The demand is high, and you can use Canva’s templates to simplify the process.

5. Flash Cards

Flash cards are incredibly popular and versatile. You can create flash cards for various subjects, from alphabet and numbers to geography and science. Here’s how:

  • Pick a subject or ask ChatGPT for ideas.
  • Use to generate graphics for your flash cards.
  • Search for flash card templates on Canva.
  • Customize the graphics and add your unique touch.

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