Cross-Border Love – An Indian Woman’s Journey to Pakistan

Cross-Border Love
Cross-Border Love

Cross-Border Love – Discover the touching tale of an Indian woman who found love in Pakistan, embracing a cross-border marriage after converting to Islam. Experience the power of love and faith as she embarks on this heartfelt journey. Read now!

Cross-Border Love Details

Arvind Kumar, the courageous husband of Anju, an Indian woman who found love in Pakistan and married Nasrullah, shares a heartrending account of their journey. Anju’s path has been full of twists and surprises, resonating with emotions and choices that led to a significant transformation in her life.

A Fateful Departure

Before her departure, Anju disclosed to Arvind Kumar that she was visiting her friend in Jaipur. However, destiny had different plans. In a recent voice call, she informed him that she was currently in Lahore. The sudden revelation left Arvind puzzled, unaware of the reason for her unexpected presence in Lahore and the visa procedures she followed.

A Trusting Relationship

Arvind Kumar, known for his trust in his wife, never felt the need to pry into her personal matters or check her messages. He firmly stated that Anju’s situation should not be linked to any other case. This trust forms the foundation of their relationship, making it unique and special.

Anju’s Plans and Emotional Appeal

Anju assured her husband that she would return in two to three days. Considering it the first time she has taken such a step, Arvind refrained from filing a police report. He expressed his intention to discuss the matter with Anju’s parents and decide together on their next course of action. He appealed to the government to allow her safe return, provided she possesses all the necessary legal documents. As he spoke, emotions overwhelmed him, and tears welled up in his eyes, revealing the depth of his love and concern for his wife.

A Cross-Border Union

Anju’s story unveils a cross-border love that transcends boundaries. She recently tied the knot with Nasrullah, a young Pakistani man. This intercultural marriage became possible after Anju embraced Islam and assumed the name Fatima.

The Marriage and Conversion

Their marriage took place at the District and Sessions Judge’s court, a moment of profound significance for the couple. Following the ceremony, the police accompanied the newlyweds to their home. Anju expressed her happiness, praising the hospitality of the people and the beauty of the area.

Anju’s Video Statement

To dispel any misunderstandings, Anju released a video statement addressing the media. She emphasized her legal entry into Pakistan, feeling secure and content in her new home. She requested the media to respect her family’s privacy and avoid causing distress to her children and relatives. Her decision to move to Pakistan was a well-thought-out and lawful plan.

A Willing Conversion

In an affidavit submitted to the court, Anju affirms her conversion to Islam was entirely voluntary. She shares her past name as Anju, belonging to the Christian religion, and declares her acceptance of Islam willingly. Anju clarified that no external forces influenced her decision. Her affection for Nasrullah and her strong bond with him were her sole motivations for relocating to Pakistan. As a symbol of her commitment, she brings a 10 tola gold dowry, cementing their union in accordance with Shariah and the law.

Cross-Border Love
Cross-Border Love

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