HEC Law GAT Registration Last Date

Online Registration Ends June 22, 2023. – HECLAT Law GAT (Graduate Assessment Test – HEC Law GAT Registration Last Date) The sign-up process for the online version has begun. Students with degrees from outside the country can apply to enter a five-year undergraduate LLB programme in 2023 by taking the Law Entrance Test. But, if interested parties pick Others from the University List, they will be able to submit an application. Hence, HEC Pakistan administers a Law Graduate test to determine who is qualified to apply for admission as an Advocate with Bar Council. In preparation for the next exam on October 3, you may now access the updated LAW GAT syllabus.

The HEC Law GAT Registration Last Date

The new HEC accreditation website has been released by the Higher Education Commission to ensure the safety and speed with which online degrees may be verified. Now that students may apply for degree attestation online from the comfort of their own homes, they have easier access to this service.

Join the HEC Portal

Registration will be open until September 26, 2023, although the exam will be held in the future.

Course for the 2023 Law GAT

The Multiple-Choice Questions on the Graduate Assessment Exam in Law at HEC (MCOs). Learn everything you need to know to register for the HEC Law GAT Test online in 2023, including the registration deadline, the test date, the application form, the challan fee, the sample papers, the syllabus, the past papers, the new paper pattern, and the answers to all of the multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

HEC Law GAT Registration Exam Date

The Law Graduate Admissions Test (LAW GAT) registration dates and times for 2023 have been announced by HEC. The LAW-GAT is scheduled to take place on July 3, 2023. Online applications can be filed via the HEC website by those who have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law or its equivalent from a university approved by HEC/PBC. In order to practise law, all recent LLB graduates must first pass the HEC LAE-GAT.

Registering for the Law Gat Online in 2023

In order to register online, please go to The Law GAT test cost of Rs.3000/- is to be placed online/ATM in the Account No. 01127900567403, and candidates may get further information by visiting the HEC Headquarters or one of the regional centres in Quetta, Peshawar, Lahore, or Karachi. Send your payment to the Higher Education Commission’s Habib Bank Limited, Branch Code: 0112, or make a bank draught payable to the DG of Finance, HEC.

Pre-Enrollment for the 2023 Law GAT2

Include the bank challan form and submit it together with your registration materials by the due date to Room No.212 on the 2nd Floor of the HRD Building at HEC in H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Online signups will close on May 8, 2023.

In order to register online, please go to

Law GAT (Graduate Assessment Test) Proposed Test Date: 30 May 2023 HEC Login

Get a copy of your roll no. slip based on your CNIC number once you’ve registered. You’ll also need to bring your original CNIC/B-Form, along with a passport-sized photo that has been placed onto the Roll Number Slip. All applicants must meet this requirement before taking the Test.

New Test Dates for the HEC Law GAT 2 and the NTS Law GAT

Register HEC Law GAT Registration Last Date

Three times a year, HEC administers the Law GAT. The Law Graduate Assessment Examination has a qualification threshold of 50%, which we are glad to share with you. Each applicant is allowed to take the Law GAT no more than three times.






World Constitutions

Constitutional History of Pakistan

1973 Constitution of Pakistan








Civil Law


laws of Contract/limitation/torts/specific relief

Maxims Equity



Criminal Law



Law of Qisas and Diyat



Law of Evidence

Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order, 1984




International Law





Cannons of Professional conduct and Etiquettes of Advocate as prescribed under Chapter XII of the Pakistan Legal Practitioners

& Bar Councils Rules, 1976.



English Legal Language




LAW-GAT Test Centers

  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Sukkur
  • Abbottabad
  • Quetta
  • Multan
  • Hyderabad
  • Turbat
  • Bahawalpur
  • Peshawar
  • Muzaffarabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Gilgit


2023 HET Law GAT Score

Here you may see the official score from the Law Graduate Admissions Exam. Feel free to use the comment section below to ask questions or propose alternative exam dates for the hec law gat.

Process for Applying to the Law Gat How to Register

To register online, go to the official website at

If you need help registering online or have any questions, you can contact HEC Secretariat or HEC Regional Centers through email ( or in person.

To apply, send the original fee deposit slip (from an ATM or online transfer) or online transfer confirmation email to Room No. 13-207, 2nd Floor, HRD Building, HEC, H-8, Islamabad.

Provide your full CNIC number on the reverse of the deposit slip.

Remember that the half-done approach won’t get you anywhere.

The whole amount of Rs. 3000/- must be paid into the Account by online/atm transfer.

Make sure the “My Profile” area is used during the profile completion process.

To access the Law GAT, select it from the portal’s left-hand navigation.

Applications for the HEC LAW GAT Exam must be filed online.

Bank Detail

Account No. O 1127900567403,

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Account Number: Higher Education Commission Branch Code: 0112

No checks, money orders, or bank draughts will be accepted.

The Online Application for the Second Law Graduate Admissions Test


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