How to Use AI to Publish 1000 SEO Articles in 30 Minutes

SEO Articles
SEO Articles

SEO Articles – Using Bots to Blast Off a Thousand SEO-Friendly Blog Posts in Under an Hour
As a specialist in both AI and SEO, I was intrigued to see this video by Julian Goldie, in which he shows how to use an AI tool to create an astonishing amount of SEO articles in just 30 minutes.

AI’s Potential in Writing and Editing – SEO Articles

In today’s lightning-fast digital environment, companies who care about their online presence and search engine rankings must prioritise content creation. It might take a lot of time and energy to create content the old fashioned way. But now, with the help of AI, there are clever methods to rapidly produce a great deal of material that has been optimised for search engines. Auto Blogging AI, launched by SEO guru Julian Goldie, is one such technology that attracted my eye.

Get to Know Julian Goldie, Content Creation Expert

Julian Goldie is a search engine optimisation (SEO) expert and content developer who shares insightful videos on SEO, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital marketing on his channel. He is particularly interested in how artificial intelligence (AI) tools might be used to enhance the writing process for the benefit of companies. You can learn more about SEO from Julian in his ChatGPT course, as well as on his website,

Video Analysis

In the video, Julian demonstrates a method for quickly producing a large quantity of high-quality content that performs well in search engines. If you want to produce more content and get better search engine optimisation results, this video is for you. How did he manage to achieve that?

Principal Ideas:

A Revolutionary AI-Powered Auto-Blogging System

Auto Blogging AI is a potent method for rapidly producing high-quality material optimised for search engines. The content generation process is streamlined and accelerated by this AI technology.

Second, Use the “Quick” Setting for a Surefire Win

The quickest approach to generate high-quality material that performs well in search engines is by using Auto Blogging AI’s Quick mode. It’s the key to making plenty of new material quickly.

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Topical Authority Maps for Your SEO

To improve your search engine rankings, it is recommended that you create subject authority maps and include as many relevant themes as possible in your content. This method is essential for good search engine optimisation.

How Julian Goldie Does It: A Step-by-Step Overview

Let’s take a look at Julian Goldie’s 30-minute SEO content production method and see how he does it.

1. Create AI Tabs for Automatic Blogging

Start two instances of Auto Blogging AI in parallel to create several posts at once. Using two tabs at once is a highly effective time-saving technique.

A Quick Fix of Magic

To swiftly produce high-quality material, use Auto Blogging AI’s Quick mode. This setting was made for generating ideas quickly.

Third-party Publish-On-Demand Plugin

To make the rollout of the material appear more organic, Julian proposes utilising the Auto Schedule Post plugin for WordPress. You’ll save time and have a more credible content publication plan thanks to this.

Fourthly, Keywords’ Influence

Select relevant search terms and copy them into the Auto Blogging AI interface. These keywords serve as the framework for your writing and aid in search engine optimisation.

5. Select the button labelled “Generate Articles”

When you’re ready, click the “Generate Articles” button, and the AI tool will begin producing high-quality articles with well considered schema markup.

6. Multiple Tabs for Efficiency

Simply make copies of your active tabs and keep producing content until you have the required number of pieces.

Advice from Julian: Don’t forget about quality

High-quality SEO material might be hard to come by, but AI solutions like Auto Blogging AI can make the process much easier. The quality of the information may be improved by reviewing it, editing it for language and readability, and including internal links. If you want to make sure your website works properly, Julian says you should use test sites. You should also think about revising and evaluating the text by hand before releasing it.

Tools You’ll Require

You’ll need the following things to get started on your content production journey:

Blog Posting Robotics

A highly effective artificial intelligence tool for producing SEO-friendly blog posts.

Plug-in for Automated Timed Posting

The Auto Schedule Post plugin is a WordPress add-on that allows users to gradually release material over time.

The AHREFS Viewer

Search engine optimisation (SEO) content creators can’t accomplish their jobs without AHREFS Explorer, a keyword research tool that narrows results to queries and exports them.

Last but not least

Auto Blogging AI and similar artificial intelligence techniques have changed the game in an information economy. It’s a huge benefit to be able to crank out a tonne of excellent SEO material in a short amount of time. Although AI might help speed things up, it is still your job to make sure the information is high quality.

If you’re ready to maximise the potential of artificial intelligence in your content production strategy, then you should try out Julian Goldie’s approach. Both your SEO and content creation initiatives will benefit from this.


Is it possible to use AI to generate one thousand SEO articles in thirty minutes? 1.

With the proper methods, it is achievable. A great illustration of how AI may boost your content generation is Julian Goldie’s approach utilising Auto Blogging AI.

Is it necessary to have technical knowledge to operate Auto Blogging AI?

Auto Blogging AI does not necessitate advanced technological abilities, since it has been created with the average user in mind. However, it helps to have some familiarity with search engine optimisation and writing.

Is artificial intelligence content production limited in any way?

The information that is produced by AI must be reviewed and edited to guarantee quality and accuracy. Using AI to create content is a great addition to any content strategy.

Can I use this strategy to any market or field?

It’s true that you can take Julian Goldie’s approach and use it in a wide range of settings. The created material has to be tailored to your target audience and objectives.

What does the price of Auto Blogging AI look like?

To get the most up-to-date price information, visit the Auto Blogging AI website.

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