How to Use ChatGPT on Mobile for Free – (Android – Apple & iPhone)

How to Use ChatGPT on Mobile for Free

How to Use ChatGPT on Mobile for Free

How to Use ChatGPT on Mobile for Free

Method 1.

There are a few different ways How to Use ChatGPT on Mobile for Free, depending on your device and preferences. Here are some options:

  1. Use a web browser: You can use your mobile web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox) to access the OpenAI website and chat with ChatGPT there. Simply navigate to and start chatting!
  2. Use a messaging app: Some messaging apps, like Telegram and Discord, have bots that allow you to chat with ChatGPT. To use the Telegram bot, search for “@chatgpt_bot” in the app and start a chat. For the Discord bot, you’ll need to join a server that has the bot installed – try searching for “ChatGPT” or “OpenAI” in the server search bar.
  3. Use an app: There are several apps available on both Android and iOS that allow you to chat with ChatGPT. One popular option is Replika, which uses a similar AI technology to ChatGPT to create a personal chatbot that learns from your conversations. Another option is AI Dungeon, a text-based adventure game that uses ChatGPT to generate its storylines.

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that ChatGPT is still an AI model and may not always provide accurate or helpful responses. Use your own judgement and discretion when chatting with the AI.

How to Use ChatGPT on Mobile for Free 

Method 2.

To use ChatGPT on your mobile device for free, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open your mobile browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
  2. Go to the OpenAI website at
  3. Tap on the “Sign Up” button to create a new account or sign in if you already have an account.
  4. After signing in, you will be taken to the “API Playground” page. Scroll down to find the “GPT-3 Playground” section.
  5. Tap on “GPT-3 Playground” to start using ChatGPT.
  6. In the text field, type in your question or statement that you want ChatGPT to respond to.
  7. Tap on the “Submit” button to submit your question or statement.
  8. ChatGPT will generate a response for you, which you can read and respond to if needed.

Note that using ChatGPT on your mobile device may have some limitations compared to using it on a desktop computer, such as a smaller screen size and slower processing speeds. However, the basic functionality should be the same.

How to Use ChatGPT on Mobile for Free

Method 3.

There are several ways to use ChatGPT on mobile for free. Here are some of the easiest methods:

  1. Use a mobile browser: You can access ChatGPT through a mobile browser on your Android or iPhone device. Simply open your preferred mobile browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari) and go to the OpenAI website. Then, click on the Chat button to start using ChatGPT.
  2. Download the OpenAI app: OpenAI has a mobile app that you can download for free on both Android and iPhone devices. Once you download the app, you can use ChatGPT by clicking on the Chat button.
  3. Use a messaging app integration: Some messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger and Telegram, offer integrations with ChatGPT. This means that you can use ChatGPT directly within the messaging app by adding it as a contact. To do this, search for ChatGPT within the messaging app and follow the instructions to add it as a contact.

Overall, using ChatGPT on mobile is a simple and free process that can be done through a mobile browser, the OpenAI app, or a messaging app integration.

How to Use ChatGPT on Mobile for Free

Method 4.

To use ChatGPT on your mobile device, you can access it through a web browser or use a third-party app that integrates with OpenAI’s API. Here are the steps to use ChatGPT on your mobile device:

Option 1: Accessing ChatGPT through a Web Browser

  1. Open your mobile device’s web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari).
  2. Go to
  3. Tap the “Start Chatting” button to begin a conversation with ChatGPT.

Option 2: Using a Third-Party App

  1. Download a third-party app that integrates with OpenAI’s API, such as Replika or Hugging Face.
  2. Follow the app’s instructions to set up an account and start a conversation with ChatGPT.

Please note that some third-party apps may charge a fee for using their services, while others may have limitations on the number of conversations or messages you can send. Additionally, while ChatGPT is designed to be free for non-commercial use, OpenAI may impose usage limits or other restrictions in the future.


Android ChatGPT instructions:

Open any Android browser.


Create an account by clicking “Sign up” and following the instructions. If you have an account, click “Log in” and enter your credentials.

After logging in, you’ll see chatbot disclaimers. Start ChatGPT by clicking “Next” and “Done” for each.

You can build an Android home screen shortcut for ChatGPT. Open ChatGPT on your mobile browser, click the three vertical dots in the top right corner, and select “Add to Home screen.” Rename the page to ChatGPT, click “Add” to make it a widget, and press “Add to home screen” or “Add”.

ChatGPT has a shortcut on your Android home screen. Tap it for the chatbot.

No Android or iOS ChatGPT app exists. Beware of third-party ChatGPT apps. Use ChatGPT’s official website for reliability and security.


iPhone ChatGPT Guide

Web browser: ChatGPT requires a browser like Safari or Chrome.

Visit Type into your browser and press enter. This links to ChatGPT.

Sign up: ChatGPT requires OpenAI registration. Click the “Sign up” button on the ChatGPT homepage and follow the instructions to create an account.

For simple access, add a ChatGPT shortcut to your iPhone’s home screen. To do this, touch the share icon in your browser toolbar and select “Add to Home Screen”. On Android, touch the three dots in the top right corner of your browser and select “Add to Home screen” to add a shortcut.

Start asking questions: Type a question into the search field after creating an account and adding a shortcut to your home screen. Explore and ask ChatGPT about its capabilities.

Remember its limitations: ChatGPT can write about nearly any topic, but only until 2021. If you ask it about current events, it may not have the latest information.

Use official websites or reputable third-party apps: Beware of phony ChatGPT apps in the App Store and Play Store. Visit to use ChatGPT safely on your phone. Microsoft’s Bing app uses ChatGPT’s LLM. Perplexity, a trusted third-party software, uses ChatGPT’s capabilities.

That’s it! With these methods, ChatGPT should work on your iPhone or Android device.


ChatGPT account creation.

ChatGPT account creation:

Sign up for OpenAI using your email, Google, or Microsoft account on their website.

After registering, you can use ChatGPT. Click “Sign Up” to register.

You can also click the ChatGPT “Create Account” button and enter your email address, password, and other information.

These simple steps allow you to create a ChatGPT account and use its services.

Are ChatGPT accounts free?

ChatGPT Plus is a premium subscription package that offers faster response times, priority access to new features and upgrades, and unrestricted access to ChatGPT even during peak hours. US and international users can subscribe for $20 each month. For non-subscribers, OpenAI offers ChatGPT for free. Visit OpenAI and sign up for ChatGPT with your email, Google, or Microsoft account.

Mobile ChatGPT Benefits

Mobile ChatGPT has many benefits. First, you can use ChatGPT anywhere, anytime. Second, it frees you from your computer. Finally, typing queries on your mobile device’s keyboard makes ChatGPT more natural.

Mobile ChatGPT Limitations

Mobile ChatGPT has some drawbacks. First, your mobile device may have a smaller screen than a computer, making it harder to see responses. Second, typing on a mobile device may be harder than on a PC, which may hinder sophisticated inquiries.


In conclusion, ChatGPT is a free mobile language model with tremendous capabilities. This tutorial will let you install ChatGPT on your mobile device in minutes. Once set up, ChatGPT can be used anywhere and customized to your needs.


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