Mangoes During Pregnancy – Myth or Fact?

Mangoes During Pregnancy
Mangoes During Pregnancy

Discover the truth about eating mangoes during pregnancy. Uncover the health benefits, potential side effects, and the key to safe consumption. Expert advice on enjoying mangoes responsibly for a joyous pregnancy journey.

Mangoes During Pregnancy Details

Pregnancy is a time when every decision about what you consume requires careful consideration. Among the debated topics is the consumption of mangoes during this delicate period. Let’s delve into whether eating mangoes during pregnancy is a healthy choice or a cause for concern.

The Enigma of Mangoes and Pregnancy

Meet Priya, a 32-year-old woman who was 21 weeks pregnant, feeling thrilled at the sight of a plate of delicious mangoes. Her excitement was cut short when her mother-in-law intervened, advising her against eating mangoes during pregnancy. Curious and puzzled, I questioned the reason behind this advice, but no satisfactory answer was provided. This incident spurred me to investigate further and seek the expert opinion of a certified specialist to shed light on whether mangoes are truly detrimental to pregnant women’s health.

Expert Opinion: Is It Safe to Eat Mangoes During Pregnancy?

Contrary to popular belief, pregnant women need not completely avoid mangoes. In fact, mangoes are a nutritional powerhouse, containing essential micronutrients and vitamins such as iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium, and folic acid, all of which are highly beneficial during pregnancy. Moreover, mangoes are a rich source of fiber, aiding in the prevention of constipation, and they also provide a good dose of energy and antioxidants.

Potential Side Effects of Eating Mangoes During Pregnancy

While mangoes offer numerous health benefits, there are some considerations for pregnant women, particularly those with gestational diabetes. Due to their high sugar content, moderation is key for such individuals. Additionally, care should be taken when purchasing mangoes from the market, as some may be artificially ripened using chemicals like calcium carbide, which is prohibited by food safety standards and regulations. Consumption of artificially ripened mangoes can be harmful to both the mother and the baby, as they may contain traces of phosphorus.

Ensuring Safe Consumption and Moderation

To avoid potential side effects, pregnant women should be cautious while consuming mangoes. It is essential to inspect the mangoes thoroughly, ensuring that they are ripe and not raw or excessively hard on the inside. Washing the fruits meticulously is imperative, and the skin should not be consumed. Peeling the mango before eating is recommended.

Moderation is the Key

As with any food during pregnancy, moderation is vital. Dr. Seema Sharma, the Associate Director of the Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Chandigarh, advises that pregnant women can enjoy the goodness of mangoes but should do so in moderation. Overeating can lead to unnecessary weight gain and potentially worsen gestational diabetes in those who are already affected.

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