Pakistan Rangers Ranks and Salary Sub Inspector (GD) 2023

Pakistan Rangers Ranks and Salary
Pakistan Rangers Ranks and Salary

Pakistan Rangers Ranks and Salary

Pakistan Rangers Ranks and Salary – In this article, we will discuss the ranks and salary structure of Pakistan Rangers in 2023, focusing on both Punjab Rangers and Sindh Rangers. Pakistan Rangers is divided into two branches: Punjab Rangers and Sindh Rangers. Despite the division, both branches share similar ranks and duties based on the respective posts. Many aspiring candidates interested in joining the Rangers force often find themselves perplexed about the salary structure.

To provide clarity, we present the following chart outlining the salary details. It’s important to note that candidates from any region in Pakistan can apply for both Punjab and Sindh Rangers Jobs. The primary objective of the Rangers is to protect and secure cities as well as important sites across the country.

Pakistan Rangers Ranks and Salary Chart 2023

Below is the chart displaying the salaries of newly appointed candidates. Apart from the basic salary, the chart also includes Special Allowance, Medical Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Conveyance Allowance, Uniform Allowance, and Adhoc Relief Allowance ARA 2023 (10%). All these allowances contribute to the gross salary. Furthermore, annual increments are also factored into the overall payroll based on the length of service.

Sub Inspector (General Duty)

  • Rank/ Pay Scale: BPS-12
  • Basic Salary: Rs. 17,100/-
  • Increment: Rs. 1,250/-
  • Maximum Salary: Rs. 54,600/-

Naib Khateeb

  • Rank/ Pay Scale: BPS-11
  • Basic Salary: Rs. 16,140/-
  • Increment: Rs. 1,150/-
  • Maximum Salary: Rs. 50,640/-

Hawaldar (GD), Sipahi (Clerk)

  • Rank/ Pay Scale: BPS-08
  • Basic Salary: Rs. 16,610/-
  • Increment: Rs. 880/-
  • Maximum Salary: Rs. 41,010/-

Naik (General Duty)

  • Rank/ Pay Scale: BPS-07
  • Basic Salary: Rs. 14,110/-
  • Increment: Rs. 800/-
  • Maximum Salary: Rs. 38,110/-

Sipahi (GD), Cook, Mess Waiter, Misalchi

  • Rank/ Pay Scale: BPS-05
  • Basic Salary: Rs. 13,180/-
  • Increment: Rs. 650/-
  • Maximum Salary: Rs. 32,680/-

NCE (Mali, Washer man, Carpenter, Khakroob, Plumber, Painter, Tailor)

  • Rank/ Pay Scale: BPS-01
  • Basic Salary: Rs. 11,720/-
  • Increment: Rs. 380/-
  • Maximum Salary: Rs. 23,120/-

Promotion Chances

The highest rank achievable in the Rangers Force is DG Rangers. However, if you join as a Sub Inspector (GD), you can reach the maximum rank of SSR, which stands for Senior Superintendent Rangers.

After serving as a Sub Inspector, you can expect the following promotion progression:

  1. Inspector
  2. DSR (Deputy Superintendent Rangers)
  3. SR (Superintendent Rangers)
  4. SSR (Senior Superintendent Rangers)

Pakistan Rangers Ranks and Salary

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Pakistan Rangers Ranks and Salary

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