School Management Plugin Free Download – Latest [v10.2.2]

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the free download of the School Management Plugin Free Download known as “School Management,” which serves as an educational and learning management system for WordPress. The shared file has not been cracked or nulled; it is an authentic GPL copy that may be used on an infinite number of websites.

Classes, sections, students, tests, ID cards, admission cards, faculty, staff, fees, invoices, income, expense, noticeboard, study materials, and much more may all be managed with the click of a mouse with the WordPress plugin School Management GPL. Classes, sections, students, examinations, ID cards, admission cards, teachers, staff, fees, invoices, income, expense, noticeboard, study materials, and much more may all be managed in one central location with the help of the WordPress plugin School Management. Administrators have complete command over the Parent and Student Portal.

Class and Section Management: Admins may make classes and place them in schools. There might be several different sections of a given class.

Management of Students: Authorized school personnel can register new students and provide them unique identifiers such as admission numbers, class, section, and roll numbers. In addition, a unique enrollment number is produced automatically for each student record in a session.

Handle inquiries by embedding a school’s enquiry form into a page through shortcode. Add a next follow-up date and any notes you have about the enquiry when you get them.


Upgrade pupils to a higher level class for the upcoming term. A new student registration for the upcoming term is created in this manner.

One way to change a student’s educational setting is through a transfer. All incoming and outgoing student transfers are recorded here as well.

Count the number of pupils present in class each day. Create an attendance sheet and print it out. The dashboard is also where students may check their attendance records.

Students may check their fee reports, admission information, ID cards, and more from their dashboard and pay any outstanding costs using the way most convenient for them.

You may limit people’s access to administrative functions inside the school by assigning them certain roles and permissions. For example, you might create a position for a teacher and another for an accountant.


Administrators in charge of many schools are tasked with staffing each school with an administrator. The administrator of a school has wide latitude in assembling a management team.


It includes a noticeboard widget that posts updates to your site’s widget page. In this section, you may modify the widget’s dimensions to fit your site’s aesthetic.

Study Resources Distribution: Authorized school personnel may upload course study materials. The student dashboard is where students may find links to course materials and access them for offline study or download.


Teachers and other school personnel with the appropriate permissions can assign students homework. The student dashboard will reflect the assignment, and students will get an SMS and an in-app message. Parents and students can get information through text message. Deliver SMS and email alerts to students at the time of new admissions, fee invoice production, payment receipt generation, etc. using a variety of predefined templates or create your own. Nexmo, Twilio, MsgClub, SMS Striker, Msg91 SMS, TextLocal, and many more are just a few examples of SMS service providers.


Handle exams for one or more courses by making a test and specifying the date, time, location, and number of students taking the exam.

The test schedule may be made public for students to view on their own dashboards, or it can be displayed on any page of the website through a handy shortcode.

Make Exam Invitations: – Before each test, make students’ exam invitations. In addition, make the student ID cards available for download via the student dashboard.

Accounting Management: Managing income, expenses, and the invoicing and collection of related fees.


Fee Invoice Generation: Choose students from classes and create invoices for their fees in bulk or individually. Payments can be collected in installments or all at once using this method.

Fees Collection Form: Using a shortcode, provide a form where students may look up their own names to see what fees are still owed. The tuition and fees of students can be paid in a variety of ways.


Stripe, Razorpay, and Pesapal are all acceptable methods of payment for the aforementioned fees.

It allows you to print a fee invoice and a payment receipt when you’ve added a fee invoice. In addition, the receipt may be printed by the staff or student after the transaction has been completed.


Create new categories for both outgoing and incoming money to better organise your finances. Include school-related costs and income as of a certain date.

Dashboard for Students: Here, students may access a noticeboard, print an ID card, check the status of any outstanding bills for fees, make a payment, and read a record of their previous transactions. Students get access to a wealth of downloadable resources, including test schedules, study guides, and admission cards.

Whether you like to use a widget or a shortcode, you can easily add a login form for students to your website.

What’s New in School Administration? v10.2.2 of the Education and Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress

Enhanced: School smart can now save money.


The ability to choose several days when making a schedule has been updated.

The capability to assign subjects to multiple courses has been added.

BigBlueButton has been updated to correctly assign live courses.

Students may now access their attendance records on a month-by-month basis.

Issue fixed where parts wouldn’t load for some users after selecting a class.

Changed the layout of the amount computation when establishing a charge type on an invoice.

Correction: Notifications of upcoming exams.


Large blue button API has been restored, along with an improved user experience and support for zoom live classes.

Student csv bulk import problem has been resolved. Fixed.

Changed: a student’s fee type will be assigned when importing students.

The title of the invoice has been updated to reflect the new method of combining fees when importing or enrolling students.

Invoices will now be generated when a large number of students are imported, separated out by charge type.

The filter for “Live Classes” has been updated.


Correction: Invoice total was incorrectly increased by 1 in some circumstances during collection.

Changed: The options selected for the registration form will now also apply to the [school management registration] shortcode.

Fee-type invoices no longer have their invoice numbers skip around.

Settings for the universal registration form have been added.

New feature: submitting assignments using a RESTful API.

Get the most up-to-date version of the popular WordPress plugin for school administration here.

Keep in mind that the original creator of these scripts offers distinct technical support services if you need them. This will provide them a cash boost that may be used for growth as well.

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School Management Plugin Free Download
School Management Plugin Free Download

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