Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023- FA-ICOM Punjab Board in PDF

Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023 (FA/ICOM) announced by the Government of Punjab for all Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. It’s great to know that the syllabus has been reduced by 30% for the annual examination program, and that there will be no change in the paper pattern of the final exam for the 2nd year in 2023.


For students who are interested, they can download the ALP smart syllabus PDF file of arts subjects for all intermediate and secondary education boards of Punjab from the official website of the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board at For those studying science subjects, they can find the Smart Syllabus of Science Subjects on the same website and download it in a PDF file.


It’s important for students to utilize this Smart Syllabus to prepare effectively for their exams, and they can also consult with their teachers or academic advisors for additional guidance and support. Good luck to all students in their studies and preparations for the upcoming examinations.


Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023 Students

  1. Agriculture
  2. Islamic Studies
  3. Applied Art
  4. Arabic
  5. Banking
  6. Business Statistics
  7. Child Development and Family Living
  8. Civics
  9. Commercial Geography
  10. Economics
  11. Computer Studies
  12. Fine Arts
  13. Geology
  14. History of Islam
  15. History of Modern World
  16. History of Muslim India
  17. History of Pakistan
  18. Home Economics
  19. Islamic History and Culture
  20. Library Science
  21. Nursing
  22. Pakistani Culture
  23. Accounting
  24. Sociology
  25. Statistics
  26. Urdu
  27. Health and physical education
  28. Ethics
  29. Military Science
  30. Music
  31. Basics of philosophy
  32. Psychology
  33. Persian
  34. Islamiat
  35. Punjabi


Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023 List of Punjab Boards

  1. Lahore Board
  2. Rawalpindi Board
  3. Faisalabad Board
  4. Gujranwala Board
  5. Sahiwal Board
  6. Multan Board
  7. Bahawalpur Board
  8. Sargodha Board
  9. DG Khan Board

Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023

Yes, the ALP Smart Syllabus is definitely a great opportunity for 2nd year students to prepare for their final exams in a shorter amount of time, as it focuses on the most important topics and chapters for the exam. By skipping certain chapters and pages and including only the most essential material, students can streamline their studying and focus on what’s most important for success in their exams.


It’s also great to hear that the chapter and topic names are mentioned in the smart syllabus for the assistance of students. This can help students stay organized and keep track of what they need to study and prepare for.


However, it’s important for students to also realize that the Smart Syllabus is not a replacement for their regular studies and coursework. They should continue to attend classes, complete assignments, and seek assistance from their teachers and academic advisors as needed. By combining their regular studies with the Smart Syllabus, students can maximize their chances of success in the final exams.


It’s also important to note that this syllabus is only applicable for the boards of Punjab as mentioned, and students from other regions or educational systems may have different requirements and expectations for their exams.


Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023
Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023

Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023

Download Smart Syllabus for 12th Class 2023 in PDF

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