Yamaha Motorcycle Installment Plan: Affordable Ownership with 0% Markup

Yamaha Motorcycle Installment Plan
Yamaha Motorcycle Installment Plan

Own your dream Yamaha motorcycle with the Yamaha Motorcycle Installment Plan offered in collaboration with Bank Alfalah. Enjoy affordable ownership with 0% markup and flexible installment options. Ride in style and save on your favorite Yamaha bike today!

Yamaha Motor Pakistan, known for its exceptional motorcycles, has once again taken a step ahead of the competition by announcing a motorcycle installment plan in collaboration with Bank Alfalah. This strategic move aims to boost sales and provide customers with a convenient and affordable way to own their dream Yamaha motorcycles.

Providing Financial Ease

In an effort to cater to customers all across Pakistan, Yamaha has partnered with Bank Alfalah to introduce an enticing motorcycle installment plan. This finance scheme offers a unique opportunity to own a Yamaha motorcycle with 0% markup (interest-free) through an installment plan of up to 9 months. What’s more, customers can also opt for extended installments spanning up to 36 months.

Ride Further with Bank Alfalah SBS Installment Plan

With the Bank Alfalah SBS Installment plan, you can now embark on extraordinary journeys on your favorite Yamaha bike. Starting from as low as Rs. 16,501 per month, this installment plan provides two attractive options. You can choose a 0% markup plan for up to 9 months or extend the payment period for up to 36 months.

Yamaha’s Commitment to Affordable Ownership

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has consistently demonstrated its dedication to providing affordable ownership options to its valued customers. This recent installment plan is just one of the many initiatives the company has undertaken to make Yamaha motorcycles accessible to a wider audience. By introducing 0% markup offers at regular intervals, Yamaha ensures that its customers can fulfill their aspirations of owning a Yamaha motorcycle without being burdened by high interest rates.

Addressing Price Hikes and Economic Challenges

The timing of this installment plan couldn’t be better. Over the past few months, the prices of Yamaha motorcycles have experienced a significant surge due to the depreciation of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar (USD to PKR) and the challenging economic conditions. In such a scenario, this installment plan will prove to be a lifeline for many aspiring Yamaha owners who want to overcome financial barriers and ride their dreams.

Interest-Free Details

To provide a comprehensive overview, we have outlined the interest-free Yamaha motorcycle installment plan details in the following tables. Please note that separate tables have been created for the 9-month, 6-month, and 3-month plans.

9 Months Installment Plan

BikesPrice (PKR)Monthly Installment (PKR)
YB-125Z DX381,50042,389
YBR-125G (Black)407,00045,222
YBR-125G (Gray/Orange)410,00045,556

6 Months Installment Plan

BikesPrice (PKR)Monthly Installment (PKR)
YB-125Z DX381,50063,583
YBR-125G (Black)407,00067,833
YBR-125G (Gray/Orange)410,00068,333

3 Months Installment Plan

BikesPrice (PKR)Monthly Installment (PKR)
YB-125Z DX381,500127,167
YBR-125G (Black)407,000135,667
YBR-125G (Gray/Orange)410,000136,667

It’s important to note that a one-time processing fee of 2.50%, 3.50%, and 5.50% is applicable to the 3-month, 6-month, and 9-month installment plans, respectively. However, once this fee is paid, the monthly installment remains fixed throughout the duration of the plan.

Complete Details of the Yamaha Motorcycle Installment Plan

For those who seek extended installments up to 36 months, Yamaha Motor Pakistan offers a comprehensive motorcycle installment plan. Whether you’re interested in purchasing a YB-125Z, YB-125Z DX, YBR-125, YBR-125G (Black), or YBR-125G (Gray/Orange), this plan allows you to comfortably own the Yamaha motorcycle of your choice while managing your budget effectively.

In conclusion, Yamaha Motor Pakistan has once again demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction and affordability. Through its motorcycle installment plan in partnership with Bank Alfalah, Yamaha offers an interest-free opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts to ride their dreams without the burden of high interest rates. This installment plan, coupled with the attractive pricing, provides an ideal solution for customers aspiring to own a Yamaha motorcycle. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own the motorcycle you’ve always desired. Ride with Yamaha and experience the thrill of the road like never before.

Yamaha Motorcycle Installment Plan
Yamaha Motorcycle Installment Plan

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